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Fanta “Make Fun”

The Fanta shoot was a transitional experience into a world of marketing that seemed to drastically change from the usual productions I’ve worked on.
The “Make Fun” series was a set of three different scenarios along with a set of “memes” that would be included into each of the scenes. The sequence would carry out as: introduction, protagonist drinks a bottle of Fanta, a set of memes would ensue, resolution, then a bottle of Fanta would be thrown for someone to catch upside down while the logo would display right side up.
Nothing deviated from the norm with the shoot itself. At least, not from my experience as a line producer. However, there were multiple elements from this production that did. Things like the cinematography, where the camera movements involved multiple fast pans, and Dutch rolls in order to simulate constant and erratic movement.

The end result was a paradigm shift from the commercials of the past, something that had already slowly started to happen in 2014-15 when brands began to experiment on relatability with younger crowds. With this shoot taking place in 2020, marketing strategies have already been tried and tested on how best to draw the attention of their young audiences. The stories that are told are short and disjointed. The colors on-screen are bright and vivid. The use of memes are directly placed into the promotional itself, with obvious references to the things that the younger crowd can relate to i.e. Fortnite/Tik Tok dances. We even shot a scene for the gaming short where the father and his sons are all flossing together.

It was a very enjoyable and remarkable experience working on this shoot. It’s certainly gotten to take further notice on how brands are attempting to appeal to their potential youthful following.

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