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In comparison to the rest of her neighbors, Thailand still stands as the most favored destination for professional video production. This is due to a combination of conveniently-available logistics, professional crews, easily-accessible equipment, as well as it being an incomparable destination for R&R. A strong reliance on international tourism has prepped the Thai workforce to be more obliging to their guests, resulting in a service industry that is prepared to deal with the varying problems that could show up during a production.

People who commit to video production in Southeast Asia often find themselves in Thailand. We here at Thaicam, are ready and available to cover all of your demands and requirements. We’ve developed a deep understanding of all the possibilities and variables that can occur on a production here and can meet your expectations, regardless of any obstacles we may encounter. 
Our team consists of experienced media experts such as DoPs, producers, fixers etc. We are regional experts and we work across borders due to our strong connections in other Southeast Asian countries. Thailand is at the center of it all and competes on the highest level of global film and video production. 
We can provide our team for local video production Thailand, as you need it. From high end cine cameras to production drones we can help set up these shoots with the available infrastructure in Thailand’s film industry that is second to none.
We are used to give this kind of production support and the scale does not matter, you will have what you need in Thailand, from simple social media projects, to NGO films, documentaries, features and so on.

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Rooftop Rumble - On Location In Bangkok


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