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The newest addition to our corporate portfolio is the emerging athletics brand D.O.S.E. Athletic! D.O.S.E. stands for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins which are four neurotransmitters that lead to improved overall well-being and function. The team at D.O.S.E. believe that exercise is the key to activating these neurotransmitters which is why they’ve produced their line of athletics apparel fit for everyone hoping to achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The shoot involved the two co-founders of D.O.S.E. Athletic, CEO Stefan Czot, COO Susie Trudgill, along with several athletes over a three day period. The first day of shooting was done late in the afternoon with multiple basketball players who were regulars at the Benjasiri Park basketball court. DP Adri Berger decided to focus on a lot of action shots that he took in slow-motion in order to capitalize on displaying not only the fanciful ball-handling and layup abilities of the players, but also the D.O.S.E. apparel itself.

Day 2 was a bit more complicated logistically as we started our day at one of Thailand’s premiere fitness centers, Jetts Black The Parq. While here, both co-founders Stefan and Susie were featured as the duo explained why D.O.S.E. Athletic was the best option available when it came to their various fitness gear and apparel. They both also exhibited their fitness acumen as they performed many different exercises in order to get the varying shots that we needed. Toward the afternoon we moved locations to the man-made archipelago across the river known as “The Bangkok Lung”. It’s an area popular with tourists for cycling due to the area’s naturally circular riding track and its lush green vegetation. While there, we utilized a drone to capture a lot of different scenes such as Susie exiting a boat at the pier with her bicycle, as well as a great deal of cycling and running shots. It made a great deal of sense to capture D.O.S.E. apparel in a natural setting with a lot of greenery due to the company’s commitment to sustainable practices in the production of their clothing.

Day 3 was a very different setting in which we wanted to contrast the natural foliage of “The Bangkok Lung” with a sprawling metropolis. The final place of shooting was in and around the Jetts Asoke branch which was in the heart of the city. In the morning we continued Stefan and Susie’s foray of urban athletics as they jogged through the byzantine network of Asoke’s sois. Stefan himself would cross through Asoke’s busy intersection as well as up and down the escalator of Bangkok metro, displaying that not only was exercise capable anywhere, but so was wearing his versatile apparel. The rest of the shoot took place in Jetts Asoke, a fantastic gym that had been converted from several connected shophouses. The previous gym before Jetts had taken over was a Crossfit Fitness Center, so it had a specialized roof meant for outdoor exercise. The roof of Jetts Asoke proved to be an exemplary area for shooting as its unique location allowed for some beautiful layers of Asoke’s skyscraper landscape. The final part of the shoot was with several athletes brought in by Stefan, where they performed a set of different exercises, acrobatics, and group activities.

All in all, the shoot was certainly an enjoyable one. It was our utmost pleasure to be involved with the D.O.S.E. team in helping out with this undertaking! For those looking to purchase D.O.S.E. gear or simply learn more about their brand you can do so from their website: https://doseathletic.com/

A few behind the scenes photos:


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