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FWD Everyday Heroes 60s

Fanta “Make Fun” Gaming

Playtime is over…or has it just begun? One of Fanta’s meme-filled commercials as two boys convince their father to ‘make fun’ so that they can keep gaming.

Fanta “Make Fun” Study Group

Even the most mundane activities can become a convivial affair! While shot in Thailand, this Fanta short was used in Indonesia.



DOSE stands for: Dopamine – Oxcytocin – Serotonin – Endorphins, all the chemicals that are made by your body through positive activity, the happy drugs!

In collaboration with DOSE we created these lovely videos to help promote this amazing brand. The fabrics used are of amazing quality and drain away your sweat, they are anti bacterial so washing is not often needed, saving the environment!

Short Commercial – Lingerie

Shot on location in Bangkok & Produced by Thaicam.

UD Trucks – The All New Croner

This commercial exhibits UD’s brand new Croner and how it helps make the world run like clockwork. Shot in various parts of Bangkok, Nakhon Nayok, and Singapore.

Universal Studios – Halloween Horror Nights 8 – Killuminati

Choose to be part of Lu Xi Fah’s inner circle! A group of mobsters from different gangs have a standoff in hopes of joining an elusive and diabolical secret society.


Travel the world, experience new things, don’t think…just do! This commercial is meant to show you why SATS App is the ultimate travel concierge, all at your fingertips.

Universal Studios – Halloween Horror Nights 8 – Stranger Things

Experience the nostalgia of the 80’s…and the terror of the Upside Down as this short film takes you into the world of Netflix’s spectacular hit series, Stranger Things.

SENKA: Refreshed…illuminated…pristine…just a few ways your skin should look after trying Senka’s newest products in this triple set of commercials!

The ISAN Project

Fire – Music Video: An up-and-coming Muay Thai boxer is thrust into the world of underground gambling. The stakes are high after getting a big break from some shady figures. Is his passion enough? Or will his fire be doused?
Nana – Music Video: See Bangkok’s famous entertainment district in this fun and cheerful music video! A couple travel through Nana’s raunchy, neon-clad streets looking for adventure.

Universal Studios – Halloween Horror Nights 8 – Pontianak

A Pontianak stalks her prey as this short horror film highlights one of the most terrifying ghosts of Malay/Indonesian culture!

The Asian Tour

One of the events from the Asian Tour 2022 was held at Black Mountain Golf Course, Hua Hin. There, many exciting stories were told as promising newcomers battled against seasoned golf veterans. Hometown heroes fought to maintain Thailand’s supremacy in this International Series.

ASICS Life Uplifted​

Let sports uplift you! This ASICS commercial features several athletes around Southeast Asia.

Our team captured rising tennis star, Kasidit Samrej, for this inspiring promotional.

UD Trucks - Coming Home

Coming Home with the New Quester. Take a trip with Manachai Bunsin as he explains why UD’s new Quester makes life on the road a relaxing and positive affair.

Jetstar’s Wildcard Adventure.

Shawne Koh agrees on partaking in Jetstar’s Wildcard Adventure! Things get messy after a case of misplaced bags as Shawne can’t say ‘no’ to any of the activities he comes across while in Thailand!


Join Dwight Turner as he takes you around the block to try some of the best street food in the neighborhood on this short promoting AirBnB’s experiences.

A film and video showreel by Director of Photography Adri Berger.

Rooftop Rumble

These shots were all done on the roof of the Pan Pacific building in Bangkok and the production was for Getty Images content creation.

Aerial Reel

A varied amount of shots for different clients, from 5 star hotels to tourism organizations and corporate clients.

PARTHOS: Movable Walls and Partitions

Hospitality Industry

From quiet, luxurious boutique residencies to grander business hotels, we’ve seen and photographed them all. Wherever I go in the world I can’t get away from the fact that hotels have an attraction beyond the ordinary night sleep. I’ve been lucky to stay in some amazing places that would normally be beyond my budget and was given opportunities to discover what makes those places special. We had a great experience in Djakarta, the Alila, with the most fabulous people working in this place and with Eric Faivre, the GM, who is also a keen photographer. After about five days of work, we created an extensive library of photographs, covering all aspects of the hotel, especially the warm and wonderful staff.

Amantaka in Luang Prabang

aman3 small
Aman01 small

The Amantaka in Luang Prabang, apart from being a five star hotel, also supports local initiatives by being involved with the communities.


We created a set of materials for this fabulous company. Experience one of the world’s magnificent waterways in boundless comfort with Mekong Kingdoms. Discover the beauty of the famed Mekong River. Cruise from Laos to Thailand and back. Join these luxury Mekong cruises for unforgettable adventures.

Visit them here


CASANA Design (on location in Nepal)


Our partners – whether they be the government or trend-setting companies, our team is both close-knit and ultra-professional. And we are not merely interested in form, content and meaning are just as important. Everything that we do is part of a strategic purpose. CASANA is a trendsetting company based out of New York.  

Over a period of 10 days we created a beautiful campaign in Nepal with Asmi Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2016.  



Founder and Creative Director Carrie Chen believes fashion empowers women.  Through Casana, Carrie shares her original designs in diverse styles to appeal to women who value originality and self-expression.  As a mother, landscape architect, and textile designer with little extra time, Carrie believes fashion should be easy – a scarf is the perfect accessory to add elegance to an outfit with ease.

visit  their website :


The River Cafe & Bar Savannakhet

Laoderm & La Lune, Vientiane

DJI 0068 1
Chomphet Temple with Mekong river.
DJI 0013
Santi Resort LP, from the air.

Coffee Rub Souphattra Spa

A beautiful hotel in the Hertiage town of Luang  Prabang. Highly recommended for your next stay;


The Souphattra Hotel is a remarkable space, designed from the ground up to embody the very best of both traditional Laotian and French Colonial design elements.

The overall ambiance is strikingly elegant and perfectly compliments the ancient city of Luang Prabang. We offer a selection of accommodation, with each option perfectly suited to different types of guest. Every room features beautiful fixtures and amenities, designed with our unifying theme of “Timeless Elegance” in mind.


World Volunteer brings over people to work in parts of Laos as volunteers and help villagers with income creation. This short promo is just one example. We also created more short film versions that give insight into the work of this organisation.

They help to build houses near villages which are then used for travellers to stay. The bungalows are constructed using adobe clay bricks from the local soil. After finalising the dwellings they are managed by the villagers and incomes go to the village fund to help with improvements locally.


Filmed and Directed by Adri Berger

Commercials and Promos

We create films that help and aim to promote destinations. These short messages often start as a concept before we start the production process and content creation and they are made in a truthful manner. We work with the reality and let reality dictate the content of these messages often resulting in beautiful products.

The above films were made as part of a larger project to make a 50 minute documentary about Luang Prabang. From the amazing material we collected we also created a set of short commercials that are used to help promote this UNESCO World Heritage town.


What is Stock Footage?

Stock footage are video clips to be used for all kinds of purposes like social media, ad-campaigns etc.The clips are often quite short around 10 to 15 seconds  of generic subjects that sell. Content creators and advertisers can use these often highly professionally produced shots for a wide variety of publications.

As a filmmaker it often is an investment as the shoots can be expensive, creating videos of high quality. It easy can fail too if the created materials are too niche and don’t sell well, hence a lot of research is required and working with a creative director like Alwyn Gosford at Getty, can help with fine tuning the shot-lists.