Stills from the 'Our Promise' Campaign for Save the Children

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UNICEF, Vaccination Campaign, Northern Laos.

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Friends Without A Border

Lao Friends Hospital for Children is the only provider of free, high-quality healthcare for the children of northern Laos in Luang Prabang province.
And no child is ever turned away.

In Laos, it is common for children to die from preventable conditions, such as malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea.
Nearly 150,000 children in need have received free medical treatment by LFHC since opening its doors in 2015, averaging 30,000 children annually.

LFHC's latest video to help fundraise for their yearly GALA

We have created media for the Lao Friends Hospital for Children since they started their amazing project back in 2013. They opened their doors in 2015, and since then have grown to become the best pediatric hospital in Laos. This set of photos was for their yearly report and to be part of their image bank, to allow them to promote their work for fundraising as they provide free care to these children and families.

A short slide presentation of photographs showing daily life in LFHC, Laos

Hmong Ladies Northern Laos
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Ock Pop Tock, Social Enterprise in Laos

Ock Pop Tok (East meets West in Lao) was founded by women and is run by women for the women of Laos. They started small and have kept innovating over the years mixing their eastern traditions with our western flair. Our most valuable assets remain our people. We share the same will to keep the textile traditions of Laos alive and thriving. We created an extensive library of photographs over a period of several days for Ock Pop Tock so they could draw from this collection of high-quality material whenever needed. Please visit their webpages here:

Portraits from Lao, a 360 gallery.

A set of black and white photos for a variety of NGO's and other clients.


This UNICEF vaccination campaign was in collaboration with the Childrens Cultural Centre in Luang Prabang.  They provided interesting ways, to inform the families and especially the children in the village about the need and importance of vaccinations, through music and theatre.