“Her Story, Our Story” is a campaign conducted by Save The Children International to encourage Lao teen girls to pursue their education and their dreams.

In Laos, young Lao teenage girls are often subject to lack of education because of pressure to help with the work at home or to get married too early.

In this program, we follow the story of a character who tells her story through a VLOG. The story is separated by different stages of her teen life and in each part, she will explain how every decision led her to pursue her dream.

The aim of program is to help ignite a passion to dream higher and bigger.

The films are shot in 3 different languages, Lao, Khmu and Hmong, with a different main character for each film.


We created a song for the campaign that was written and performed by Bidalack Syackhaphom with the help of the students of the Luang Prabang Library. The soundtrack was developed by Michael Bishop in the UK and then assembled in the studio in Luang Prabang. 

Below are the Khmu and Hmong versions:


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